Simple start earning NEAR using SWAP token

Deposit SWAP TOKEN, farm NEAR.

We are a team of experienced developers. Build many things like Wallet, Exchange, Farming, Staking tools, SWAP is our token, our earnings which we get from AURORA and NEAR blockchains distributing across SWAP holders using this form. To start earning you need.

  1. click “unlock wallet”
  2. click “approve”, confirm transaction in metamask
  3. wait for “approve” transaction to mine. Refresh the page
  4. click deposit SWAP
  5. wait until you farm some reward’s tokens (the distribution starts immideatelly )
  6. click harvest
  7. you will recieve NEAR

BSC, BEP20 are supported!

The simplest way to allow your users to deposit ERC20 tokens (from example USDT) using a simple “Deposit/Withdraw” interface and earn (farm) rewards. You can use your own ERC20 tokens or use existing –

“reward” tokens distribute across all users who stake “staking” tokens, the share of every user calculated personally based on the amount of staked tokens and time his tokens have been staked. For example, if an admin has started distribution of 100 REWARD tokens and 2 users stake 1 STAKE token each they will receive 50 REWARD tokens each. User can withdraw his part any time before and after the farming period ends

Just place [farmFactory] shortcode onto your WordPress page Simple usage. “Stake USDT, farm USDT”. Use the same erc20 address as staking and reward token to create an interest rate. Advanced usage. “Stake ASSET, farm ASSET2”. Use different erc20 addresses as staking and reward tokens (for example to bring liquidity in pair of your token on uniswap).

Q: Can we create yield farming and staking for own erc20 token A: Sure!

Q: I don’t like WordPress, can you create static? A: Yes, 1000$

Q: can bep20 tokens (binance smart chain) be entered like wbnb, bnb, or something else A: yes